Adi Ron

FrankHaim / HaimRuehl

What if a computer learned to create typography unattended? What if I gave it all the building blocks, put it in front of it and used genetic algorithms to find out how long it would take for the letter to evolve?

This project attempted to do just that. By taking the entire Hebrew alphabet, breaking it down in two fonts and having those fonts "build" each other.

The result is two fonts: Frankhaim and Haimruehl. That is, Frank Ruehl build from the different parts of Haim and Haim built from the different parts that make up Frank Ruehl. Two classic Hebrew fonts, mashed together by a machine.

The letter Alef in Frankhaim
The letter Ayin in Haimruehl
The letter Samekh in Frankhaim
The letter Mem in Haimruehl
FrankHaim Specimen, part 1
FrankHaim Specimen, part 2
HaimRuehl Specimen, part 1
HaimRuehl Specimen, part 2
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